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Kiwi MPG
Kiwi MPG Gas Mileage, Scan Gauge, and Trip Computer

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Kiwi MPG - Plug and play scan tool and fuel efficiency meter compatible with 1996 and later vehicles.

Price: $69.99
Price: $49.99

Availability: Product Has Been Discontinued
Product Code: 897346002320
Product has been discontinued. Please check out Kiwi 3.

Description Technical Specs
Kiwi MPG displays your vehicle's instantaneous fuel efficiency, average fuel efficiency, the cost of fuel consumed and is a powerful scan tool. It is compatible with 1996 and later vehicles and installs in seconds via the OBDII port. The 2 button interface allows you to navigate through all the parameters as well as the scan tool feature. Kiwi MPG can read and reset engine check trouble codes making it a versatile fuel efficiency meter, trip computer, and scangauge.

How It Works:
Kiwi MPG is so small and compact that it can be mounted virtually any where that is convenient in your vehicle.


Instantaneous MPG is displayed constantly in this mode. (Supported Units: MPG, Km/L, L-100Km).
Average MPG is accumulated and displayed over multiple trips in this mode. You may reset your trip at any time. (Supported Units: MPG, Km/L, L-100Km).
Your total dollars of gas is accumulated over multiple trips. You may reset this to zero at any time. (All worldwide currencies supported).

Advanced Sensors:
Fuel Used is displayed in this mode. This can be reset to zero at any time. (Supported Units: Gallons, Liters)
Fuel Remaining is displayed in this mode. Fuel remaining is calculated based on a pre determined tank size. The defaults tank size is 16 Gallons. The size of your tank can be adjusted from the setup menu. (Supported Units: Gallons, Liters)
Distance Traveled is displayed in this mode. This can be reset to zero at any time. (Supported Units: Miles, Kilometers)
Distance to empty is displayed in this mode. This is calculated from your fuel remaining and your average MPG. (Supported Units: Miles, Kilometers)
This mode shows your engines speed or tachometer revolutions per minute.
This mode shows your vehicles speed. (Supported Units: MPH, kmh)
This mode shows your throttle position or position of your gas pedal. This is great for determining how much load is exerted on your engine.
This mode shows your engines coolant temperature. (Supported Units: Fahrenheit, Celsius)

Check Engine:
When your check engine light comes on, Kiwi MPG allows you to get the code and reset the light. Potentially saving you hundreds and a trip to the mechanics.

  • Fuel Used
  • Fuel Remaining
  • Distance to Empty
  • Engine RPM
  • Vehicle Speed
  • Coolant Temperature
  • Throttle Position
  • Read and Reset Engine Check Codes

Included Items:

  • Kiwi MPG Unit
  • Kiwi MPG Product Box
  • 2 Zip Ties
  • 2 Velcro with adhesive
  • Quick start quide

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