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SM-FluidPressure - Fluid Pressure Sensor Module
Fluid (Oil & Fuel) Pressure Sensor Module

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SM-FluidPressure Sensor Module for measuring the pressure of oil, water, and other fluids. Includes a VDO pressure sensor, aluminum control box, wires/connectors for interfacing with DM-6, DM-100/200 or 3rd party ECU's and data loggers.
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The SM-FluidPressure accurately measures the the pressure of oil, water, and other fluids. This is ideal for oil pressure monitoring. Up to 32 Sensor Modules can be daisy chained together in the iMFD system and can be connected to any PLX Multi Gauge through the digital serial output port. The Oil Pressure Sensor Module can also be used as a stand alone unit capable of interfacing with 3rd party hardware where both the digital output and the analog output are available simultaneously. The included sensor is designed for oil pressure sensing ONLY. DO NOT use this sensor with fuel, as the sensor will damage due to corrosion over time. The SM-FP has a measurement range of 0 - 150 PSI or 0 - 10.5 kg/cm^2.

1 analog output
1 digital input, 1 digital output
Gold plated contacts
Digital precision

Included Items:
SM-FP main unit
4ft power wire with 2.1mm connector
4ft Analog wires and connector with 4 terminals
1ft Serial Cable
Termination jumper
One Resistive Type Fluid Pressure Sender
(Additional sensor sold separately)
User Manual

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