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OBDII to iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch / PC
Sensor Module Interface
Green Driving Learning Tool
Standalone MPG Scan Tool
2 1/16" (52mm) Basic Touch Screen
2 1/16" (52mm) Color Gauge
Wideband with Fuel Select
Wideband UEGO Controller
30PSI, 3 Bar Manifold Pressure
K-Type T.C. EGT Controller
Oil Pressure Sender
Water and Oil Temperature Sensor Controller
K-Type T.C. AIT Controller
USB Data Logging Interface
For DM-6, DM-100
For DM-6, DM-100
For DM-200
4 Button Replacement
Power, USB, 2.1mm Cable
Required for Gen1 Sensor Modules
Bosch Wideband LSU 4.2
SM-AFR to O2 Sensor Cable
M18 x 1.5mm Pitch
M18 x 1.5mm Pitch
Swivel Mount with Adhesive
K-Type 1/8 NPT" Sensor
K-Type 1/8 NPT" Sensor
VDO Sensor, Wires Connectors
VDO Sensor, Wires Connectors
Power, 2.1mm Wires and Terminals
2 1/16" (52mm) Color Gauge
60mm (2 3/8") Color Gauge
Single USB Output
Gen2 Dual USB Output
Wideband AFR and OBD II Gauge Combo
OBDII to Android / PC / Linux / Symbian / N9
OBDII to Android / PC / Linux / Symbian / N9
Wideband AFR Gauge Combo with Health Monitoring
710 Lumen Digital Focus
USB Multi Meter
Water Resistant Carrying Case
Water Resistant Carrying Case
Male USB to Micro Male USB Cable
Paul Lowchareonkul Xtreme Devices
Kiwi Drive Green
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Kiwi Drive Green combines a powerful scan tool, code reader, trip computer, OBDII gauges, and fuel efficiency driving behavior monitor all in one. It is compatible with 1996 and later vehicles and installs in seconds via the OBD2 port. Its 5 button interface and vibrant 2.2" color OLED display allows you to easily navigate the menu system. In addition, Kiwi Drive Green gives you vital feedback about your driving behavior and how you can optimize your driving style to maximize your fuel efficiency.
  • Fuel Efficiency Meter
  • Trip Computer
  • OBDII Gauges
  • Drive Green Lessons
  • Read and Reset Engine Check Codes
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  • MPG
  • Drive Green
  • Tech Specs
  • Fun
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  • FAQ
  • Intro
  • Installation
  • Driving
  • Kiwi Score
  • Saving Gas
The Kiwi is a simple to use plug and play device compatible with all 1996 vehicles and up. Kiwi plugs into your existing on board diagnostic port (OBDII), located near your steering column. From this port, Kiwi is able to obtain detailed sensor information about your vehicle. A multitude of sensor data including vehicle speed, RPM, engine load, oxygen sensor readings are all analyzed to determine your vehicle,s optimum driving efficiency.

Kiwi operates much like a game. As you drive, your daily goal is to obtain the highest "Kiwi Score" possible. In doing so, your driving style will be optimized for the highest MPG no matter what vehicle you drive.
The Kiwi connects to any 1996 and up vehicle through the OBDII port often located under your steering column.

Mount the Kiwi on your dash or on your windshield with the included mounting bracket
Navigate through the colorful menu system to view Kiwi,s many features.
Kiwi Score:
Much like a game, your daily goal is to obtain the highest "Kiwi Score" possible. In doing so, your MPG will be maximized. As you become more familiar with Kiwi, you,ll improve your skills how to drive your vehicle greener.
Saving Gas:
Daily, Kiwi will show you how much money on gas you saved compared to the last trip you saved with Kiwi installed. Over time, you can keep track of hundreds of dollars saved throughout the year.
  • Intro
  • Smoothness
  • Drag
  • Acceleration
  • Deceleration
According to fueleconomy.gov efficient, sensible driving and observing the speed limit can improve your fuel efficiency by up to 33%. Aggressive driving such as rapid acceleration, exceeding the speed limit, and heavy braking wastes gas. The PLX Kiwi's sophisticated mathematic algorithms are designed to calculate and optimize your vehicle's fuel efficiency and reduce the output of global warming CO2.
Note: Cost savings are based on an assumed fuel price of $3.80/gallon.
A good analogy of driving smoothly comes from the story the Turtle and the Hare where ,Slow and steady wins the race., By running your engine smoothly instead of bursts of acceleration and bursts of frequent slow downs, uses much less fuel.
Your vehicle get,s its highest MPG between 35 and 55 Miles per hour. The faster you drive, the more air resistance is pushing back on your vehicle. This is called drag. Avoiding high drag conditions significantly improves MPG. Drive the speed limit!
Don’t do what that popular TV commercial suggests you to do... "Zoom zoom zoom." During acceleration, your vehicle literally becomes a gas hog. A tremendous amount of energy is required get your vehicle to speed. Ever try pushing your car? Every time you accelerate, you’re using as much energy as turning on over 600 light bulbs, that’s about 30,000 watts. By accelerating modestly and safely, your engine will last longer and burn fuel more efficiently. Keep your accel score high and you’ll feel it less at the pump.
When you step on your brakes, you,re converting kinetic energy into thermal energy. In layman terms, you’re wasting your motion energy into heat. This is why your brakes get hot. By planning ahead and anticipating stops or slow downs you,ll be able to take your foot off the gas sooner, allowing you to coast to your stop instead of decelerating hard at the last minute.
  • Intro
  • MPG Meter
  • Advanced MPG
  • Trip Summary
Kiwi can display your vehicle,s MPG in far more detail than your vehicle can.
MPG Meter:
Your vehicle is not equipped with an MPG meter. Kiwi provides you with one.
Advanced MPG:
Kiwi shows you much more information that what’s available in your vehicle.
Current MPG: Displays your instantaneous MPG.

Trip MPG: Displays your trip MPG.

Distance: Displays your distance traveled.

Gas Used: Displays how many gallons of gas used.

$ Saved: Shows you the dollar amount of gas you saved by driving green compared to the first time you drove with Kiwi. Kiwi saves your MPG data the very first time your use Kiwi and compares your most recent drive with your first drive. By driving more efficiently, Kiwi displays your savings.

$ Used: You have the ability to set the most recent gas prices in Kiwi. Kiwi computes your gas price as a product of your gas used.
Trip Summary:
Every time you turn off your vehicle kiwi will give you a summary of your most recent drive.
Used: Shows you the dollar amount of gas you've used.

You Saved: Shows you the dollar amount you saved by driving green compared to a reference saved trip.

Total Saved: Shows you the total dollar amount you saved by driving green by accumulating all your trips throughout the use of the product.

Kiwi Score: Displays your overall Kiwi Score

MPG: Displays your trip MPG

Distance: Displays your trip distance traveled in miles.

Gas Used: Displays your trip gas used in gallons.
Maximize Fuel Efficiency
The Drive Green mode is a series of lesson plans designed to optimize your driving behavior in a manner which optimizes your fuel efficiency for your vehicle. The PLX Kiwi uses sophisticated mathematical algorithms to analyze your engine,s performance and your driving behavior. The drive green lessons are designed to maximize your smoothness, drag, acceleration, and deceleration parameters. In doing so, you will notice a significant improvement in your fuel economy.
Physical Dimensions: 2.2 x 3.4 x 0.5 inches
Compatible Fuels: Gasoline, Diesel, Ethanol, E85, CNG, Methanol, LPG
Power Consumption: 2 Watts
OBDII/CAN Ptotocols: ISO-9141, VPW, PWM, KWP 2000, 11Bit CAN, 29Bit CAN
Processors: Custom PLX 32 Bit Processor, Custom PLX GPU (Graphics Processor Unit)
Operating Temperature: 0 - 85 Deg C
Operating Voltage: 10V-18V
Human Interface: 5 Button Remote
PC Interface: USB 2.0
Firmware Upgradeable: Yes
Enclosure: ABS Plastic
Fun Mode:
In "Fun Mode" Kiwi becomes personal and customizable. As you drive, a series of animations appear. For example, the greener you drive, the more the flower will bloom.
Custom animations can be uploaded via a USB port and PLX Kiwi Programmer Software
Engine Trouble Code:
Kiwi is also an engine check scan tool. If your vehicle has an engine check light illuminated, Kiwi can identify the cause of your engine trouble code and clear the light all in the comfort of your vehicle. With this feature, you'll save time and money from having to bring your vehicle into the garage for servicing.
Real-time Engine Data:
With Kiwi, you'll be able to view your sensor data in real-time. Kiwi is capable of reporting the following engine sensor information.
Throttle Position Intake Pressure (MAP) OBD Type Fuel Level
RPM Air Flow (MAF) Oxygen Sensor Voltage1 (Bank 1) Barometric Pressure
MPH Short Term Fuel Trim (Bank 1) Oxygen Sensor Voltage2 (Bank 1) Catalytic Converter Temperature
Engine Load Long Term Fuel Trim (Bank 1) Oxygen Sensor Voltage1 (Bank 2) ECU Voltage
Engine Timing Short Term Fuel Trim (Bank 2) Oxygen Sensor Voltage2 (Bank 2) Absolute Engine Load
Air Intake Temperature Long Term Fuel Trim (Bank 2) Ambient Air Temperature  
Water Temperature Fuel Pressure Fuel Pressure Relative  
Does the Kiwi work for my vehicle?
If your vehicle is 1996 and up, yes. It is compatible with all makes and models. The Kiwi plugs directly into your diagnostic port located on the driver's side. If you are still unsure, please view our OBD II guide.
How much will my MPG improve?
It really depends on you. Kiwi does not control any aspect of the vehicle. It provides all the necessary information about your vehicle and identifies your inefficient driving behavior for you to make the improvements yourself. Your improvements can range from 0%-33%. On average users, notice about a 20% improvement in as little as a few days.
Is it difficult to use?
No not at all. The PLX Kiwi was designed with simplicity in mind. If you can use your MP3 player, you can use the Kiwi. It's designed to install in seconds. You'll be enjoying the benefits of Kiwi just after the first few minutes with little to no learning curve.
My car already has an MPG meter, what will Kiwi do for me?
A factory MPG meter will give you your instantaneous MPG and your trip MPG. It does not provide you with the necessary information for you to understand and identify wasteful driving behavior. Kiwi's internal computer analyzes information rapidly and is able to identify certain wasteful driving trends which is not available on your vehicle.
I have a hybrid vehicle. Will Kiwi help me?
Yes. Even though your vehicle was already designed to be fuel efficient, the human behind the wheel may not be. Kiwi will still make a significant improvement to optimizing your driving behavior.
I think I drive green already. Will Kiwi do anything for me?
That is similar to saying , "I think I sing well already, why do I need a professional coach?" You may sing well, or you may not, but the only way to find out is to have a professional listen to it. A professional will be able to identify if your hitting the correct notes at the correct time as well as suggest improvements one can make to optimize their skills in every aspect. Kiwi is your professional coach for driving green.
My vehicle uses alternative fuels. Is Kiwi compatible?
Yes, Kiwi is compatible with Gasoline, Diesel, E85, Ethanol, CNG, Methanol and LPG. Setting up your fuel type is simple as it can be done from the setup menu.
Does Kiwi show metric units such as Kilometers, and Liters?
Yes. Kiwi is fully compatible with metric units.
  • US Gallons, and Liters for volume.
  • Miles and kilometers for distance.
  • Miles per gallon, kilometers per liter, and liters per 100 kilometers for fuel consumption.