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Kiwi 2 OBD2 Interface

Communicate directly with your engine

Read / reset engine codes

Save yourself a trip to the mechanic

Use Kiwi to read, diagnose, troubleshoot and reset your OBD2 check engine codes.

Real-time Gauges

In-depth analytics and tuning

Choose from more than a half-dozen apps to monitor real-time engine performance including acceleration, torque, and power.

Data logging

Log, analyze, and export data

Record and playback log files showing OBD-II data, skidpad, track day data simultaneously. Export data to your PC for more in-depth analysis.

Advanced features

  • Display real-time horsepower and torque

  • GPS track mapping and telemetry, visually analyze acceleration and braking on different race tracks, and improve your lap time.

  • Professional skidpad and inclinometer showing lateral and acceleration/braking Gs with min/max indicators.

  • Smog check ready your vehicle

  • Connect high performance aftermarket sensors including wideband air/fuel ratio, exhaust gas temperature, vacuum/boost, air intake temperature, fluid pressure and fluid temperature with the iMFD adapter

  • And much, much more!

Kiwi Accessories

Kiwi 2 IMFD AdapterKiwi 2 iMFD Adapter
The Kiwi 2 iMFD Adapter is compatible with the Kiwi 2 Wifi or Kiwi 2 Bluetooth and enables you to add additional aftermarket sensors for viewing on your iOS mobile device. This is ideal if your OBDII port does not report the sensors you need or if the OBDII port reports the sensor at a refresh rate unsuitable for your application. With the iMFD adapter, it combines the best of both worlds of plug and play obtaining sensor data from your OBDII port and aftermarket high performance sensors designed for speed, accuracy, high resolution and more extreme conditions typically not supported by your OEM sensors.

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