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Kiwi 3 OBD for Apple/Android
Award winning smallest, fastest, most versatile automotive diagnostic scan tool.
Kiwi 2+ OBD for Android
Log vehicle diagnostics, read/reset engine codes, monitor MPG, and more!
SM-AFR Wideband + MultiGauge Link Combo
Wideband to smartphone for Apple/Android eliminates the clutter of gauge clusters.
SM-AFR Wideband + DM-6 2 1/16" Gauge Combo
The industry’s fastest, most accurate digital wideband with multi-touch and bright OLED.
Luxor 2
Autofocusing flashlight 850 lumens, 7 CREE LEDs, OLED display, lithium, 12º - 270º focus.
Luxor Mini Pro
Pocket size autofocusing flashlight, 650 lumens, 7 CREE LEDs, high perf battery/charger.
Luxor Mini
Pocket size autofocusing flashlight, 650 lumens, 7 CREE LEDs.
Legion Solar Starter Set
DIY plug and play 200W grid tied solar system with smartphone monitoring.
Legion Solar Expansion Set
DIY plug and play 200W grid tied solar system for expanding production output.
Genuine Bosch LSU4.9
Wideband O2 Sensor

Pick up a few extra new sensors and keep your wideband running like new.
MultiGauge Link Adapter
Connects with PLX sensor modules and wirelessly sends sensor data to your Apple/Android device.
DM-100 2 1/16" Touch Screen MultiGauge with OBDII
Scan tool, code reader, and performance gauge can read both OBDII and PLX sensors.
SM-EGT Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Module
K-Type thermocouple controller. Measurement range 32º - 1873º Fahrenheit or 0º - 1023º Celsius.
SM-VB Vacuum Boost
Sensor Module

3 Bar sensor with measurement range 30.5 inHg to 30 PSI or 760 mmHg to 2.11 Kg/cm^2.
Automotive Gauges and Sensors Up to 65% Off
There has never been a better time to stock up the industry's most popular sensors!