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December Specials

Free USA/Worldwide shipping on items under 1 LBS (Kiwi, MultiGauge Link, Luxor Mini)
Free USA shipping for purchases over $149 (*Excludes Legion Solar)
Free Worldwide shipping for purchases over $299 (*Excludes Legion Solar)
Kiwi 4 - Beyond just an OBD Scan Tool
Integrated Micro SD card slot for data logging, self-run mode, audible alerts, accelerometer.
Kiwi3 - Versatile Car to Smartphone Adapter
Works with Kiwi OBD 6-in-1 app and many leading 3rd party apps for Apple/Android.
Kiwi 2+ Bluetooth - Car to Smartphone Interface for Android
All the classic features of the Kiwi 1/2 with a smaller form factor.
SM-AFR Wideband + DM-6 Multigauge Combo
The industry’s fastest, most accurate digital wideband with touch OLED gauge.
SM-AFR Wideband + Multigauge Link Combo
Industry's most trusted wideband O2 controller with smartphone interface for Apple/Android.
SM-Pro Combined Sensor Module (Pre-Order)
Vac/Boost, Exhaust Gas Temperature, Air Intake Temperature, Fluid (Oil/Water) Temperature, Fluid Pressure, Digital and Analog outputs.
Genuine Bosch LSU4.9 Oxygen Sensor
Industry's standard wideband sensor for tuning combustion engines of various fuel types (gasoline, diesel, ethanol, methanol, LPG, CNG, E85)
Multi-Gauge Link
Interprets sensor module digital and sends real-time data to your Apple/Android smart device via MultiGauge app.
Luxor 2 - Auto Focusing Flashlight
850 lumens of light output, 7 CREE LEDs, OLED display, rechargable lithium battery, reverse charge, 12-270 degrees of light angle focus.
Luxor Mini - Pocket Auto Focusing Flashlight
650 lumens of light output, 7 CREE LEDs, Auto-Focus, Virtual Focus and Strobe. Waterproof and aluminum construction.